Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back in Saskatchewan

Well, we left Airdrie yesterday afternoon and arrived in Saskatoon this morning. I had a couple of stone chips in the driver's window on the bus. I carry repair kits for them but it has to be above 10 degrees to use the repair kit and it just hadn't ever been warm enough to use them. So yesterday we were pretty late getting out of Allison's yard while we waited for it to first get warm enough and then waited for the resin to cure. Last night we stayed on the Chev dealer's lot in Rosetown and this morning we checked into 16 West, just north of Saskatoon on the road to North Battleford. There's a surprisingly large number of others like us staying here. We had expected to be the only ones here. They aren't officially open yet, the water isn't turned on and the sewer is still frozen up but there must be 12 or more other rigs here as well as us. G-II likes it - he has a good view to the north, lots of trees for birds and lots of dead leaves blowing around on the ground.

I spent Wed-Friday in Manitoba. We had an NTSCC training session in Brandon on Wednesday. Then I drove up to Minitonas to meet with an FCC client that night. On Thursday I had 3 meetings in Swan River, Minitonas and Dauphin and then drove back to Winnipeg so we could meet with Transport Canada on Friday. By Friday night I was pretty well whipped. When I got back to Calgary Marilyn informed me that we were making supper for Camiel and Al but I wasn't much fun after supper. I think they stayed up and watched a movie until after midnight but I didn't.

We're thinking we might be able to move back to Nipawin after next weekend. Mom & Dad have invited us to their 51st anniversary supper Sunday night so we won't move until Monday but, assuming Quint says the yard looks halfway dry, we might just move back there a week from tomorrow.

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