Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moving to BC

We're not quite tree-hugging, granola crunching, left coast hippies yet but we are getting closer. Today we got an official BC address. Tomorrow I expect somebody to drop by with our supply of medical marijuana. We still have to convince Canada Post to redirect our mail to here which will no doubt turn into an ordeal. Earlier this week Canada Post asked for a Power of Attorney from our dead mother in order for my sister to deal with them. The limits of the collective stupidity of that institution are hard to fathom. There must be some critical mass of stupid past which it becomes self sustaining and Canada Post has clearly passed that point.

Yesterday we left Whispering Pines - with great difficulty. We've been going there for so long that it was really hard to leave. That was compounded by the shower of gifts we received as we were leaving. We took several people wakeboarding and they felt compelled to repay us with alcohol. We'll cope.

The night before we left was a classic Whispering Pines evening. Gil and Larry's cousin was there. He's some kind of musical prodigy who presently teaches music somewhere. Gil and Larry are pretty musical themselves but this guy was off the scale. He played guitar several times during the week we overlapped with his visit. On the last night we were there Ron Watson showed up with his keyboard and the two of them put on a tremedous show around the campfire. That went well into the night so we weren't too lively yesterday morning. That in turn meant we were pretty late getting to Chilliwack but we got settled in to the Thousand Trails campground before dark and then went back into town for a little reconnaissance and some groceries. Its a pretty cute little town and very green. Marilyn is going on and on about the ferns and general green-ness.

The weather hasn't been great since we got here so we haven't been in any big rush to get on the lake. The little lake here looks like it probably gets thoroughly thrashed on the weekends during the summer. There are a lot of people that hang out here between cabins and campgrounds. If they all end up on the lake on the weekend there won't be an undisturbed drop of water to be found anywhere.

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