Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our 3 sons

Periodically somebody will say “so how are your kids doing?”  And what are you going to answer?  Just once I’d like to hear somebody say that their kids are a colossal failure due completely to poor parenting. 

Of course in our case the kids really are doing just fine thank you. Tonight I was scanning the Christmas pictures of them because I find it easier to keep track of digital pictures than the real kind.  Then I got to paging through some of the historical pictures and one thing led to another.

Over the years we have spent a lot of time on the water.  One of my fondest moments was when the kids had some friends along in the boat and the friends desperately wanted to get the tube out.  I don’t remember which of the kids it was that told them the way it was “tubing is what we do when we don’t really have anything else to do.”  But that doesn’t mean that they don’t still enjoy time on the tube.

They haven’t needed us to get around for quite a while now.  This winter the three of them decided to go to the Olympics.  Some kids would have borrowed a vehicle – some would have taken their own.  Some would have taken the bus or a plane.  But not these three.  They found a couple of friends, chipped in some money and bought a motorhome.  Not a very good motorhome by the sound of it but an RV nevertheless.  They put a keg of beer on ice in the shower stall and headed west until they saw the ocean and then turned north.  When they got to Whistler they flagged down some random citizen and asked where they could park for the night.

It sounds like there was some miscellaneous civic and private property that got inadvertently liberated and I’m sure the young ladies of Whistler can remember the smell of the 5 guys from Medicine Hat.  It should however be noted that when they returned to Medicine Hat they sold the motorhome for a profit.  I’m not sure that they actually made money on the trip but their transportation was at least subsidized by the gain on the motorhome.

What prompted all of this however was the posed pictures they took and sent us at Christmas.  Ain’t they a handsome bunch? 


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"Just once I’d like to hear somebody say that their kids are a colossal failure due completely to poor parenting."

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