Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pretty pretty pretty

The night before last we were parked at the rest area in the top of Roger’s Pass. Yesterday we ran half way up the icefield parkway and then headed east toward Rocky Mountain House.  We’ve never been over that stretch of highway before and there’s a whole lot of pretty along the way.

IMG_3353 Marilyn missed a lot of the prettiest stretch because she got one of her periodic bouts of carsickness.  The picture above is some little lake on the parkway – Bow Lake maybe.  We stopped there for lunch.  At one time it was likely one of Kodak’s most profitable spots.  There was a regular United Nations photographer’s parade through the parking lot while we were eating lunch.  Marilyn thought she recognized Greek being spoken and there were plenty of other nationalities represented. 

Last night we pulled back into the green slime lake from hell, AKA Alberta Beach.  Five years ago we swore we would never come back here but never say never.  It turns out that our Holiday Trails membership gives us a park here on the east end of the lake.  We’ll use it as a base to get some work done and do some visiting.  I don’t suppose we’ll even go look at the previously mentioned lake.

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