Monday, July 19, 2010


Last night we got back to Regina in time to stop in for a quick visit with father.  Some days he’s pretty cute.  When we said we’d be back to see him today he said he didn’t know how well that would work out.  Evidently he had to get up early to go somewhere to pick up his car.  It wasn’t Nipawin – somewhere south of Nipawin – and he waved his hand dismissively as if to indicate that we probably knew where he meant anyway.

Today we showed up around 4:00 and took him for a walk to Wascana creek.  He was very concerned that we wouldn’t get him back home in time for supper but he seemed to enjoy the outing anyway. 

I’m constantly baffled and entertained by the way his mind works now.  He can’t reliably remember whether Diane has been to see him on any given day but often gets details like the fact that she is away for a period of time right.  He can’t remember that he can’t walk but last night when he got the notion that he was going to somewhere near Nipawin that thought kept reappearing in his conversation for a long time.  It amazes me that he can stay focused on getting out of bed for long enough to actually achieve his goal but evidently he can not only do that but does it regularly.

One thing is for certain, he is much happier in Wascana and he is getting much better care than he has received for some time now. 


Reluctant Cowboy said...

Glad to hear your dad is getting better care. How was your visit to
the states?


Jorgito's dad said...

We haven't made it into the US yet but plan to head south tomorrow morning. We'll be on the east side of Montana initially but may end up over on your side next week. I don't have your e-address Skip but if you would send me an email to bob at rjevans dot org I'd appreciate it.