Saturday, February 19, 2011

The prettiest boat in the bay

Another milestone passed – today we dropped the anchor for the first time.  Not without great difficulty mind you and if this is as good as this windlass works then there is a new windlass in our very near future.  Despite the difficulties in getting the chain to run out we have 220 feet of chain dropped and our anchor alarm set.  We’re so sheltered here that a medium size rock on the end of a rope would likely hold us.


Right now I’m sitting on the aft deck in the mid-afternoon sunshine watching Marilyn catch a crab.  The crab may not know its life is in danger and in fact there may not even be a crab.  We do have a backup plan for supper.

George really likes our new home and he’s pretty fascinated by crabbing too.  The fact that the crab bait is seafood flavoured cat food may have something to do with his interest.  On the other hand its hard not to like a glorious sunny day like we’re having today. 

We didn’t really move very far today but it was a very strategic move.  First it enabled us to try anchoring without an audience in a very sheltered bay.  We’re in Green Bay on the north shore of Agamemnon Channel just a few miles in from Malaspina Strait.  Second it moved us about an hour and a half closer to Malibu Rapids and left us directly on the route up the inlet to the rapids.  Finally by delaying our arrival at the rapids by a day we gain about 40 minutes on the tidal stand.  So the fact that we’re here tonight effectively gains us two hours of travel time on the trip up the inlet.  I may even suggest that we stay swinging on the hook here tomorrow which would gain us close to three hours at the other end.  But by the time anybody reads this that decision will be ancient history.

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