Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sux to be Bob

Different Bob.  It very much does not suck to be me but that’s not the point. 

No, it sucks to be Bob Rae.  Ya really gotta pity the guy.  First he jumped ship from the Ontario NDP to the federal Liberals just about the time that their internal cancer started to become publicly visible.  Then he got beat by a known idiot in his first run at the party leadership and stepped aside graciously to allow the coronation of the next wrong leader.  Now he had to watch his old party installed as the official opposition and agreed to the thankless task of rebuilding a party that still doesn’t realize how fundamentally flawed its internal workings are.  And despite being the only viable candidate for that rebuilding he is still so distrusted by the party apparatchics that he had to swear off all future leadership ambitions in order to be appointed to the futile task of interim leader.

The problem is that, at the root of it all, I think Bob is a pretty decent guy and not just because he has such a good name.  He always appeared to have a sense of humour, confirmed by his recent job acceptance.  Any politician prepared to show his naked backside with Rick Mercer on national television is either a complete idiot or a pretty decent sort.  The Libs already elected one complete idiot as a leader so I suppose we shouldn’t completely rule out that possibility.  Bob clearly has a sense of duty to the Libs, gawd only knows why though because they equally clearly don’t show the same loyalty to him. 

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