Saturday, January 14, 2012

Italian night at the yacht club

We need to get back in the social whirl of the “club” so we bought tickets to their Italian night and tonight we’re tied up at the reciprocal dock at SNSYC.  Its actually a lot more convenient for us to come to the club by boat than it is by car.  It takes about the same length of time – maybe 2 hours on the water and at least 1-1/2 hours by road.  More importantly, if we come by boat we can stumble back to the boat and go to sleep.  If we come by car one of us has to be the designated driver and we have that hour and a half trip to look forward to after the evening is over.


I’d forgotten how pretty Gray Hawk is until I was coming back from my dock-walk this afternoon and she just took my breath away.  There isn’t another boat on this dock that I’d even consider trading her for.  And there’s plenty of them to choose from with some of them no doubt insured for 3-5 times what Gray Hawk is insured for.


This isn’t the famous barge that sank at our dock but it likely is the pile driver that ripped Gary’s bull rail off after replacing the finger pier.  We missed that big adventure because we were on a Costco run that day but there’s not that many pile setting cranes on the water here.  There was a surprising amount of traffic on the water today considering that it is the middle of January and not all that warm out.  We saw several recreational boats, one great honking big RCMP boat and a couple of commercial fishing boats in addition to the usual ferries. 

When we first got up this morning it was pretty choppy at the dock and the cloud cover was socked in low overhead.  We had pretty well talked ourselves out of taking the boat out but then the sun came out and the waves calmed down and all of a sudden it seemed like a good idea again.  Sitting here in the late afternoon sun at the yacht club reciprocal dock it seems like a good decision.  Tomorrow we have to get an early start for home because our diver is coming at 1:00 boat time.  If we don’t catch him now he is going away for a month and that will be too long so we need to make sure we get home in time tomorrow.

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