Sunday, June 3, 2012

You can’t keep a winner down

A couple of days ago I was driving up to Seager Wheeler farm for their annual direct seeding demo day.  This is the first time I’ve made it to one of their field days but they have been doing them more or less since direct seeding came along, some 18 or 20 years ago now. 

The newscast opened with a story about how we need to hire more Indians in Saskatchewan.  There’s getting to be so many of them because they have more kids than the white man and apparently its our (the white man’s) fault that they aren’t working.  I have a serious problem with that logic but the juxtaposition against the closing story brought it all home.

The final story in the newscast was one of those heartwarming human interest, guy gets a bad break and then makes good, type of stories.  This Italian dude was some hero on the racecar circuit until 10 years ago when he was in a horrific crash.  They interviewed him on the radio and he said “my car was torn in half with my body in one half and my legs went arrivederci with the other half of the car.”  Evidently a priest administered last rites after the accident but against all odds the guy survived and now he has just finished winning some big hand powered bicycle race.

When I heard that story it struck me how you absolutely can’t keep a winner down, no matter what you do.  On the other hand it may somehow be my fault that a large portion of the Saskatchewan population is perpetually unemployed.  You decide.

We just finished spending a few days in Saskatoon, getting reacquainted with old friends, doing a bit of business and injecting some money into the local economy.  Today Marilyn headed south to Regina to deal with a warranty claim on her glasses at Costco and I headed east to Buchanan.  Its very wet as you get east of Saskatoon.  I saw little activity in the field and what I did see was mainly guys trying to dry things out.  There were a few drills going but they were going around a lot of wet holes. 

Tonight I got the new/old internet dish hooked up and aligned on our permanent mount here.  I had it set up so the old one would just drop into a bracket with no need to aim it but of course the new one was enough different that I couldn’t get away with that.  I also pulled the starter out of the cube van because it appears to have died.  Fortunately Ukrainian Tire in Yorkton has one so I’ll go pick that up tomorrow.  Its time to start selling some vehicles I think – we’ve only got a half acre in this yard so pretty soon we’ll run out of room.  The cube van is going on Kijiji as soon as I get it running again.  We’ve also got the Malibu here now but it needs to either go in the water or down the road.  We’ve gone two years without even getting it wet – that’s inexcusable.  I unwrapped it this afternoon and it wasn’t in as bad shape as I expected.  Don’t get me wrong – it was a mess – just not as bad a mess as I thought it might be.

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