Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bound for Southwest Saskatchewan

We’re in the Ogema Regional Park tonight.  Its so insignificant that it doesn’t make it into the provincial registry of regional parks but its a fine little park nonetheless. 

One of the signs at the entrance to town proclaims that it is the home of some chick who played in the All American Girls Baseball league.  That’s the league that was fictionalized in “A League of Their Own” which was a cute show but I didn’t recognize the girl’s name so I don’t think she was played by Madonna.  And Geena Davis’s character came from somewhere in the midwest so it wasn’t her either. 

The park here appears to be built to support a local sports day or rodeo with maybe a hundred camp sites scatted over several acres with a couple of ball diamonds and horse barns interspersed.  There was a family gathering on the ball diamond when we arrived and they have now moved over to a neighbouring site for a campfire. 

Harvest is just getting going down here.  There’s a 9600 JD thrashing canola swaths right across the road from the campground.  I walked out for a look tonight – I don’t think he’ll be retiring off the profits from that field.  Between flooding in the spring and extreme heat through July there’s some extreme variability in the canola this summer.  I walked a few fields yesterday and they ranged from piss poor to pretty damn good. 

This week I’ve got a bunch of Palliser/Assiniboia files to review in SW Sask.  We’ll spend a couple of nights here and then move over to Kincaid where we’ll park in Norma and Fred’s yard until the end of the week.  Then we’ll likely need to be back in Regina so that SWMBO can start a major new contract.  She’s not 100% sure she has it yet but she will know this week and if she lands the work they want her to start immediately. 

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