Thursday, November 7, 2013

Long time … no write

I’ve been on a flying trip through Idaho and northern California for the past 10 days.  Today I’m finally catching up on some paperwork in the airport in Salt Lake City where I’m waiting for my flight to Calgary.  I’m really not looking forward to going back into the deep freeze after the shirtsleeve weather in northern California. 

On the way down I literally got waved through US Customs.  The silly bastards really should make up their minds – am I a threat or am I not?  Its not that I WANT them to harass me; I’d just have a lot more faith in the system if there was some semblance of consistency.  In their defence it was Calgary screening which has given me the least hassle of all the crossing points over the years but still – make up your minds.

This morning there was a horrendous line at the security screen checkpoint in SLC but the idiot greeter who checks to make sure you have a boarding pass sent me into the TSA Pre-Screen line.  Apparently they have the x-ray machine turned down so low in that line that pretty well anything can go through it.  The clown at the head of the line got on my case when I started emptying my pockets but it turned out I did need to empty them because I set off the alarm.  However, instead of getting immediately groped, the dude at the x-ray sent me back through to empty my pockets, all the while apologizing for his partner.  When I came through the second time, still with my shoes on, I fully expected to set the stupid thing off again but didn’t.  So instead of an hour long security ordeal I was through in under 5 minutes.  Go figure – am I or am I not a threat?

I’ll use all my airport time today to catch up on some projects that have been neglected while I ran around on Growsafe jobs.  I’m really looking forward to being at home this weekend.  We’re into the countdown until we go back to the boat around Christmas time.  Between now and then I’ve got to find some time to buy a truck because the Exploder’s days are numbered.  I’ve hated the little bitch for 8 years now and I’ve been looking hard for the last year.  Marilyn took it to the Russkie garage owner in Canora a week ago because it has started making a bad squeeking noise on the right front but of course when she got there it refused to make the noise so Sergie wasn’t able to diagnose the problem.  Its probably just a shock because she had the steering rebuilt last winter – AGAIN – but I’m taking it as a sign that its time for someone else to enjoy the unique pleasure that owning that particular piece of junk brings.  I think this fall is probably a great time to buy a used Ford diesel because of the super crop that just came off in Saskatchewan.  Farming in SK is full of uncertainty but there’s one absolute – when SK farmers have a good crop then the truck dealerships are going to have a good fall and winter.  I stopped in at Cypress Ford in Swift Current about 2 months ago now and they had 8 brand spanking new King Ranch diesels sitting in a line.  Those are 50 to 80 grand per each so obviously someone in Swift Current figures on having a good winter and more importantly, there will be some premium trades sitting on the lot shortly, if they’re not there already.

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