Thursday, January 2, 2014

The sound of settled science

If you only ever listen to whores like David Suzuki or morons like Elizabeth May then perhaps you can be excused for thinking that the science is settled on global warming.  If that is the case then you need some new reading material.


That image is lifted from Watts Up With That.  It succinctly captures the dilemma that the chicken little crowd faces.  For 25 years now they have been stubbornly screaming “the sky is falling” but the sky, equally stubbornly, refuses to follow their so-called “science”.  If the science is settled, then just exactly what has it settled on?

I clearly remember the moment roughly 12 years ago when Bob Dyck said something to the effect that he didn’t believe global warming was real.  Bob was the top dog at Cargill Canada at the time so I accorded his opinion some respect.  I thought at the very least that he should be well briefed and by nature he wasn’t inclined to be controversial.  But his comments were so out of sync with the generally accepted public view at the time that I had difficulty reconciling his thinking with my own.  At the time I was likely best described as an AGW sceptic while accepting that global warming was real.  As it turns out, Bob was likely right, he was just about a dozen years ahead of himself.

Let’s be perfectly clear – the graph shows a possible slight warming trend.  The green zone ranges from nothing to as much as 1 degree per century.  The problem for the chicken little crowd is that none of their predictions have come even close to those actual observations.  The IPCC has been frantically reducing their 2013 projections in an attempt to get them at least somewhat close to the observations.  So the question for them is not “why are we warming?” but rather “WTF were you smoking when you said we were warming 5 degrees per century?”

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