Thursday, April 10, 2014

On the move again ……….

……. but we weren’t in any huge rush to get going this morning.  We had about a 4 hour run from the Copeland Islands to Von Donop Inlet and I wanted to arrive on the rising tide this afternoon so we didn’t lift the anchor until close to 10:00 this morning. 

We had a great day for travel – kind of high overcast so not much sun but good visibility and calm waters.  Von Donop Marine Park is a narrow inlet into the west side of Cortes Island.  Between Von Donop on the west side and Squirrel Cove on the east side the island is almost cut in half.  Apparently if you like walking there’s a trail between the head of each inlet.  I doubt we’ll ever prove the truth of that statement.

Its about 3 miles back into the inlet along an increasingly narrow winding entrance.


About halfway in we met the fish cops coming out in a fast dinghy, something like a C-Dory.  I’m not sure what they might have thought they were accomplishing up here.  I saw them go in about half an hour before we arrived at the entrance so they were in here for a long time.  At the speed they were travelling, the trip up the inlet likely took them well under 10 minutes.  There’s no crab floats up here – I thought they might be fish copping the commercial fishermen but that’s evidently not what they were up to.  They didn’t seem interested in us.

We dropped the anchor in about 30 feet of water and it stuck hard on the first try.  We were in here once before, the first year we had the boat but that time it was pretty crowded.  Today we have the little bay all to ourselves.  After we leave this place it will be all new water to us.  Up until now we’ve been crossing our old wakes but that all ends from this point north.

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