Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hartley Bay

OK – lets get this out of the way right up front.  Call me a racist if you want, but this is clearly working ……..


We pulled up to the dock in Hartley Bay this afternoon and the first thing I saw was this sign.  Then we wandered around a clean, neatly laid out community with kids playing softball in the schoolyard.  All the houses were modern, in good repair with neat and tidy yards.


There’s no streets so the whole town is laid out with these boardwalks and the prime means of transport appears to be by ATV.  They’ve got services installed for about another dozen homes – that’s what you are looking at in the foreground of the picture above.


Even the boats in the marina look better than the ones in Klemtu did.  And our first reaction was that, as Indian Reserves go, Klemtu was pretty good.  This place, on the other hand, is somewhere that anyone in their right mind would be delighted to live.  The view is spectacular and the community is wonderful.


This morning was a glorious day for travel.  The sky was clear and the wind was relatively calm.  This afternoon …. not so much so, but fortunately we arrived here in Hartley Bay by 3:00.  Along the way we must have passed a hundred waterfalls.  And I think Marilyn took a picture of every one of them.


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