Sunday, May 31, 2015

Neighbours bearing pie

Shortly after we arrived in Buchanan and took up residence in the bus at 110, Emily arrived from across the street carrying a pie.  As I recall it was peach pie but I could be wrong.

Yesterday I was in the middle of greasing wheel bearings on the trailer.  I had a hub in my lap and I was sitting on the ground so I couldn’t actually turn around when Sharon from across the back alley asked me if Marilyn was home.  I said I thought she must be in the house and went back to greasing.  A while later Sharon came by again and we talked over my shoulder about where we were headed in the trailer and about how Irvin is coming along.  He’s got some serious health issues but it sounds like they have finally got the attention of the medical community. 

Shortly after Sharon left Marilyn came out to tell me that I needed to come in the house for tea and pie.  Sure enough, Sharon had arrived carrying a rhubarb and strawberry pie.  You just gotta love neighbours that arrive carrying pie.  Neighbour Keith regularly arrives carrying a chocolate cake.  There’s nothing wrong with that either.

The contraption I built on the back of the Golden Falcon is still attached.  I watched our shadow whenever I could see it and stopped regularly on the way to Saskatoon but so far disaster hasn’t struck.  We’re set up in 16 West, just north of the YXE airport.  The place is almost full, hard as that may be to believe on the last day of May.  And they’re pretty proud of the place too - $40 per night plus the usual government usury.

Last night when I posted I learned that Google and Microsloth are in a minor pissing war over Windows Live Writer and Blogspot.  Evidently Google changed something on Blogspot and Messysloth hasn’t bothered to fix Live Writer so that it will continue to work.  The company that Bill built more or less gives Live Writer away now so I suppose they aren’t very motivated to fix the problem but there’s a large community of pissed off writers.  I of course didn’t know any of this until I got some arcane error message when I tried to upload my web posting.  Then I went through the usual crap – reboot, log in again, etc etc – before I tried Googling the problem.  Have another piece of pie. 


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