Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dog River, SK


Gotta love those rates and, while they’re maybe a little on the low side, they’re not completely unusual for small town SK campgrounds.  Of course SK residents, and any fans of Corner Gas, will know that “Dog River” is a fictitious place.  The TV series briefly put Rouleau on the map and the town still capitalizes on Corner Gas tourism.  The gas station and The Ruby which formed the set for the show still stand on the SW corner of town.  When we drove in today there was a car parked there with a family taking selfies in front of the old set. 

After Marilyn’s reunion wrapped up in Cypress Hills we moved to Ponteix and set up there for the week so that I could visit Assiniboia clients in SW Sask.  I’ve done this project for several summers now and its a great opportunity both to reunite with long term clients and to visit small towns across this vast province. 


There’s maybe 20 sites in this little campground but tonight we’re the only tenants.  Its not fancy but its got water, 30 amp electric, a sewer dump and southern exposure for the satellite dish.  What’s not to like about that?


Each town has its own personality and there’s some real heritage buildings in some locations – big old cathedrals, civic buildings, provincial courthouses.  The town waterworks with a 1913 build date is across the street from the campground entrance.

I’ve been wandering around visiting farmer clients who are largely occupied with harvest right now.  Its a great time to visit because most days I can hop in the combine cab with at least one client and have a visit while he keeps on keeping on.  The photos below were taken near Scotsgard where a large tenant was getting multiple new Case IH machines rolling early one morning.  This one had the doors up and the operator was buried in the guts of the machine.  I learned later that it had blown a chopper belt but that doesn’t really matter.  I couldn’t resist texting the image to Michael who has seriously drank the red Koolaid.  I asked him what could be happening with those open doors.  His response “Looks like speed brakes to slow her down, little bit like a plane.” 



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