Sunday, December 13, 2015

Moving on down the internet highway

OK - so I wrote up a short little rant yesterday morning which I am reproducing here for your reading pleasure (or annoyance, depending on your socialist persuasion).  But this will be the last post on this location.  I have put up with a lot of irritation from this weblog service (Blogspot/Blogger) and I no longer am interested in enduring the irritation.

That doesn't mean that blogging by Bob will cease but the location will change.  More on that later - first the rant which I titled "GREEN SPEAK"  ............

In the category of “No sacrifice is too great for my readers” I provide you with the following simple chart which will enable you to speak with authority to the greenest of listeners.  As the techno-guff emerges from the so-called Climate Summit in Paris this weekend you will need to be prepared to discuss it intelligently with any socialist friends you encounter.  I’m sure you will find this tool sufficient to create enlightening conversations with even the most dedicated green loon. (you'll have to click on the graphic to get it big enough to read unless your eyes are a hell of a lot better than mine.)


Simply select an adjective phrase from the first column, a target noun from the second column and a mandatory action from the third column.  Feel free to use big words like “and” or “however” to create run on sentences because lefties believe that the longer and more convoluted the sentence the more likely it is in fact accurate.

Future posts will occur here:

Take note that is a "DOT CA" address.  Trying to get to us using dot com simply won't work.  If you typically access this bit of nonsense via Facebook or Twitter then nothing will change for you.  If you have a browser bookmark that you use then you may want to update that bookmark to reflect the new location.  Sorry for that inconvenience but its a lot better option for me and I think you will see that it offers a lot more functionality - ie more pictures - for you.

See you at

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