Sunday, September 30, 2007

In Medicine Hat

We broke camp in the snow at Banff yesterday. Our visitors thought the snow was so pretty and so wonderful. For us it was just a cruel reminder of what is yet to come. It was kind of pretty if you didn't know what it precedes.

We stopped at Allison & Camille's on the way past Calgary. They are excited because they have an offer in on a property - more like an estate - east of Calgary. They would like to sell the place they are living in and working out of and move to something with a large shop and better house. They have found a place east of Calgary, just past the highway that goes north to Beiseker and made an offer. It sounds like the bloom has gone off the property boom in Alberta. Up until now you have had to make offers above the asking price, hard as that is to imagine. They made an offer substantially below the asking price and the realtor initially told them to bugger off. Apparently she has now called them back and they are doing the dance around the price. They expect to come to an agreement eventually.

After an extended visit with Al & Camille we got back on the road and arrived in M.Hat around 7:30. I got us set up and the others went into town to shop & eventually ended up at the Casino. I wasn't sorry to miss that. They took the truck to the carwash where Marlan was working so they got to meet him and then he came out here to visit me & Jorgito. Today we are going to take the boat to a nearby lake and see if we can get one last run for the season. Its going to be cold - VERRY COLD - but its the last run of the year. Karla is anxious to show her parents what she can do - I'm not sure she will go through with it but time will tell.

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