Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Camp Canitz

We arrived back in Saskatoon yesterday. The night before we were in Kenaston. We thought the campground there had full services - turns out they have only power and they turn the power off on Oct. 1, which just happened to be the day we arrived. So there we were sitting in the bus with the generator running when CJ came in to tell us that there were "dos viejos" who wanted to talk to us. Roughly translated that means 2 oldtimers, so Marilyn went out to see what was happening. When she came back in she said that it was the camp attendants, she had asked if they could leave the power on for one more day and they had agreed but they needed to flip some breakers until they figured out which one we were on. So I went over to the shack to thank them and it turned out the "2 viejos" were Ray and Shirley (can't remember the last name) who used to combine for Grandpa. I wouldn't have recognized them and the last time they saw me I was probably 13 or 14 but we had a good visit.

Later that evening we went out to Marvin & Marilyn's where we met up with Paula who took us over to their place to see the new kittens, pat Shae-Lynne's 4H heifer and ride Marvin's horse. Then we went back to Marvin's for coffee. Brad & Tammy showed up with their two kids because they knew we were in the area. We all had a great visit - I think the Mexican connection was a bit bored but the rest of us were enjoying ourselves.

We tried to organize breakfast with Ron and Norma but that didn't work out so Karla ended up taking her parents shopping while Marilyn & I got set up in Blaine & Jacquie's yard. We had supper with Blaine & Jacquie - RJ showed up after football so CJ & Adriana got to meet him.

This morning I took the bus to the STC garage for some diagnostic work. I've had an air leak that has been getting a little worse for the last year but I haven't been able to find it. They found it this morning but didn't have the parts to fix it. However, now that I know what it is it won't be that big a deal to get it fixed. Then I met up with Marilyn, Karla and her parents and we put them on the plane to Calgary. We've been waiting anxiously all day - hoping that we don't hear from them until about 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. Anything earlier than that will mean a problem.

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