Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I hate this hotel

My earliest memory of the Delta Winterpeg is of Charlie McKay standing at the registration counter holding a reservation confirmation and arguing with the hotel droid about whether or not he actually had a room for the night. You don't want to argue with Charlie ever but that night the desk at the then Holiday Inn was hideously oversold and telling everyone that they didn't have a room. If you couldn't prove that you had a reservation then by default you did not have a reservation. It hasn't changed a whole lot despite a new marquee. It is however still attached by an umbilical cord to the Winnipeg Convention Centre and, if you are unfortunate enough to come to a convention in Winnipeg in February then you will put up with almost anything in order to avoid having to go outside. Yesterday when I checked in they informed me that I could get a special deal on my parking - like I have any choice in the matter - it is ONLY costing me $11.50 per day. I wonder what the rate is if you don't get the special deal?? And then I get to my room and discover that, at a time when a lot of hotels provide free wi-fi services this dump wants a mere $9.95 daily - you read that correctly - $9.95 daily to connect to the interweb. So I won't be online a lot but I did spring for a connection today.

I've got CNN on in the background and the talking heads are trying to make super Tuesday exciting. That's kind of like trying to make porridge exciting. The Democrats are trying to decide whether the Republicans are more likely to vote against a woman or a black. Meanwhile the Republicans are desperately trying to make a coronation look like a contest. And the coronation is of an octagenarian who would be more comfortable running as a Democrat. At least he has some semblance of policy beyond having a womb or black skin.

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