Sunday, November 23, 2008

We're done

We haven't left the yard but we are SO ready. When we signed the deal I thought it was flat impossible that we would be ready to leave by now but we are. Today we finished moving garbage out of the house and Marilyn shampooed some of the rugs. She is going to hire some Manpower types on Wednesday to give the house a thorough cleaning. I still have to dung the shop out but that won't take long now. RJ raided the remaining tools while he was here yesterday. He also took some furniture, the waterbed and the canoe.

It was very nice of Craig to leave his little skid loader here. We got busted using it yesterday but he said he didn't mind so we used it again today. It works great for ferrying stuff to the little barn. And we used it to move a couple of loads to our free garage sale at the end of the lane. We moved the fridge out there yesterday, having been unsuccessful in our efforts to sell it. Today some "disadvantaged citizens" drove up the lane and asked if we would haul it to town, since we had a truck and they didn't. Fortunately Marilyn had gone outside to talk to them because I would have been a lot less understanding than she was.

And the weather has absolutely been cooperating. Other than that one miserable night when the water froze up after we first moved back here the weather has been great. We were wandering around the yard today in shirtsleeves. It has to get cold soon but so far we have really caught a break. This time last year we had already had close to a month of winter, Denton had plowed the yard already and it was dipping to -30 at night. There's no way this old bus will handle that kind of temperature with water in the lines so this year's weather has been a major break.

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Linda said...

Way to go! I'm glad to hear you are going to make it out here this year after all.

Linda Sand
Escapees Class of '08