Friday, November 20, 2009

The wet coast

Oregon undercarriage wash service

During one of our frequent Saskatchewan droughts I swore that I would never complain about rain as long as I live so this is clearly not a complaint. I would however like to observe that I am getting more than a little sick of the sound of raindrops falling on my roof.

Yesterday as we were travelling south on the Oregon coast their department of highways very kindly arranged to provide an undercarriage wash for the bus. We most certainly appreciated their thoughfulness, particularly as it came so shortly after our ordeal entering the country. Our trip over the Coquihalla and the Okanagan Connector a couple of weeks ago exposed us to salt so getting a chance to wash all that off was very convenient. Some of the smaller vehicles likely weren't so appreciative when the state trooper stopped and turned them around but he didn't seem to think we were in any danger of floating away.

Approaching Astoria Oregon

North shore of the mighty Columbia

I just checked Streets and Trips again to make sure that actually is the Columbia River that we crossed yesterday. Its so wide that it is hard to believe it is actually the mouth of the river but that's what it is. The bridge structure at the south end of the causeway is really impressive - a snapshot through the bus window doesn't begin to do it justice.

A year ago now we agonized over whether we should shell out the money for our Thousand Trails membership but we've been really happy that we did. Pacific City is probably the nicest one of their preserves that we have been at yet although Verde Valley would be a close second. Last night we arrived well after dark, tired and stressed out from our earlier ordeal and were met by a smiling "Buddy", the park ranger who was still on duty waiting for us to arrive. We damn near got lost wandering around the trails in the dark but he gave us a perfect reccomendation for a site and we got set up with no real trouble despite the howling wind and rain. The big site selection issue for us is always getting south exposure so that we can use our satellite dishes but Buddy's advice was spot on and we are once again online.

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