Sunday, November 29, 2009

We love State parks

The US State parks and the Canadian provincial parks are some of the least known outdoor treasures of both countries. Right now we are parked at Humbug Mountain which is a worthwhile stop if for no other reason than its name. Forget about the name - this place is gorgeous and would be worthwhile stopping at no matter what it was called.

Right now there's us and one camp host all alone among over 100 sites in this gorgeous location. Our site is less than a 5 minute walk from a wonderful beach. The only possible negative is that we are just a bit too far to fall asleep listening to the sounds of the surf.

And they're not expensive. The provincial parks tend to be a little higher priced. They're usually good value compared with the private parks but the US State parks are downright cheap. The picture is of one of two showerhouses. Inside there are clean modern and free showers with lots of hot water. Anyone who has ever showered in a campground knows that you don't always get all four of those attributes and often you consider yourself lucky if you get 2 out of 4.

We had a bit of trouble finding a site that would give us a view of the satellites. The park is deep in a valley with a high mountain (Humbug Mountain I guess) to the south. My align-a-site sighting tool actually told me that we are looking at the tree tops but the dish locked in with a 62% signal strength. The mountain keeps us shaded until late in the day and we don't actually get much sunshine but that's OK. We just have to think about the snow and freezing temperatures back in Saskatchewan and this doesn't seem too bad.

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