Saturday, January 16, 2010

90 days from start to finish

When people convert busses into motorhomes often the project takes on a life of it’s own.  For some people the process of creating the conversion is the whole point of the exercise.  Those people spend years making everything just right and don’t seem to mind that they never get much time to actually live in their new creation.  At the

other end of the spectrum there are people like us who know we are too anxious to get on with living in the bus to actually spend any time creating it.  So we bought a bus that somebody else had already converted.  There’s also a significant portion of bus owners who never actually get their conversion to where they could use it even if they
wanted to.  Those shells end up either sitting in a yard slowly rotting away or the lucky few go on to another owner who may or may not have more patience and success than the first one.

Michael and Christi Hargis are they only people I know who can claim that they took a bus from a seated passenger coach to a motorhome conversion in 90 days.  There may be a few other folks in that elite crowd but I have never met them.  Drawing on a background as

general contractors they had access to techniques and materials that the average homebuilder might not even know about but most of Mrs. Jones
(the Hargis coach) is built with pretty mundane materials.  Despite the rapid construction it looks really good. Michael and Christi have embarked on a career as travelling entertainers.  Anyone interested in reading the story of their conversion can find it here
Yesterday and this morning we got a chance to see Mrs. Jones up close.   

Michael is the featured entertainment at the bus rally this week so we are looking forward to seeing more of them.  In the meantime they had to head back to California for a few days. 

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Singing Land Cruiser said...

We had a most enjoyable time with Bob and Marilyn and Donna and Mark. The guys, as you can see were elbows and AH in the rear of Mrs. Jones. The girls were discussing ways to keep the stuff from flying while driving!
This was our first visit in person since we've been full-timing with fellow bus nuts and it was truly incredible. We thought we were the only people who said, "Look, there's a bus!", with way too much excitement.
We now must blog about our visit. Thanks Bob for the awesome breakfast! All the best, M&C (and Mrs. Jones, who by the way has a Jones on for Papa Bus)