Sunday, January 31, 2010

Las Vegas

We’re in another of our Thousand Trails parks in Las Vegas.  Yesterday we had lunch with Ron & Sherrill Andres in Lake Havasu

and then spent the night in Mojave Junction with Clifford & Sonja Allen.  Clifford called me in the morning and asked how I liked my burgers.  In case you ever have the chance to have one of his hamburgers be warned – mother used less hamburger in one of her meatloaves than Clifford puts in a single burger.  We’re talking enough ground steer to give me collywobbles all night but they sure were good while we were eating them.  And just for good measure we each had a rib that must have come from the last living mastodon. 

Clifford is the guy who gave us our awning last winter & I consider myself lucky to know him.  He has forgotten more about busses and 2-stroke Detroits than most of us will ever know.  Whenever I am around him I can feel myself absorbing knowledge.  I just wish I could retain a higher percentage of what he tells me.  Today we talked about my slobber tubes and he gave me a spare fuel pump.  Just on the off chance that any readers know anything about these bulbs I thought I’d post a picture for him.  He needs some of them to replace some backlights on the dash of his bus.

We had a leisurely drive today up through Bullhead, over to Searchlight and then into Las Vegas.  I have mixed emotions about this place.  There’s lots of pretty stuff here and we’ve had some fun times here but I detest the attitude of the town.  This is the town that losers built and the residents will get you if you give them half a chance.  Its also a dangerous place.  People get killed here regularly and hardly an hour goes by without some kind of a siren wailing nearby.  Some people marvel about our willingness to travel in Mexico but personally I’d far rather visit Mexico than Las Vegas if safety was my concern.

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Singing Land Cruiser said...

Hey Bro. We see you are slowly making your way to the north. Be carful in Sin City. All the Best, M&C