Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hanging out in Ramona

ramona We’ve been chilling in Ramona for close to a week now.  Michael & Christi are great hosts.  I borrowed most of his tools in order to remodel the cabinet that now holds our new flatscreen TV.  I got the cabinet butchered into shape a couple of days ago and Marilyn finished up varnishing & staining it yesterday.  We think it looks pretty good. 

This morning we hung the new door and mounted the TV on it.  We still have to figure out how we are going to keep the door from pulling off the hinges when it’s in the down position but it is completely usable now.  We haven’t filled the storage space yet but we know what will go in there and I’m sure it won’t be long before it will be full.

In between cabinet making I have been helping Michael do some minor maintenance on Mrs Jones, his MCI 102A3.  A few days ago he built some runup ramps so that we could get underneath safely.  He’s still a little reluctant to get underneath but I have tricked him a couple of times.  Yesterday we got his brakes set and fixed a leaky valve stem on one of the duals.  Today we think we got his Jakes working but we won’t be 100% certain until he makes a test run.  We also installed a coupler in his accessory air system so that he can use compressed air from the bus system.  I carry a 3/4” air impact that I can run off the bus system and I’m sure he has similar plans.

Tonight Michael and Christi took us out for supper at Santa Ysabel casino.  I had forgotten but I noticed the casino last Sunday when it was getting dark and we still hadn’t made it here.  As we were driving by the entrance to the place I remember thinking that we should have been stopping there for the night so that we could arrive here in daylight.  We didn’t stop then but tonight we drove back to the casino for prime rib dinner. 

Michael and Christi stayed to play Texas Hold ‘em and we came home.  But not before I had turned the free play that they gave each of us into $92 in real money that I could take home with me.  We don’t make much use of casino parking but after our experience tonight I think we will spend a little more time figuring out how they work.  If they are happy to give us free play money to get us in the door, cheap food once we are inside and a free place to park overnight then it seems pretty stupid if we don’t at least stop in once in a while.  And if we can take home a few bucks occasionally then so much the better.

MissMeYet No it’s not a Photoshop creation.

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