Friday, November 19, 2010

Too late to back out now

What a whirlwind of activity the past week has been.  A week ago today we went to Seattle to look at Gray Hawk for the first time.  The Yachtworld listing this morning shows “sale pending” but I’m not sure what is pending about this sale because the documents will likely be registered this afternoon, Monday at the latest.  We’re actually scrambling to get insurance in place before the sale closes.  We ran into a hiccup on that front yesterday but hope that is behind us this morning.

For those of you who haven’t voted on the name change, what are you waiting for?   The poll is here.  I won’t divulge the results so far for fear of influencing the outcome but I will say that it is a dead heat so every vote counts.  Thank you RJ for the helpful suggestions that we won’t be following.  We particularly liked “Two Geriatrics and a Cat”.  It might be a little hard to rattle off on the VHF but it would provide the Coast Guard with a detailed list of what they were looking for.

Today we hope to make it to the Pacific Marine Expo.  It will have a whole new meaning for us.  At one point I thought I would be attending to look for suppliers for equipment upgrades or repairs.  However every item I thought we would need has turned out to be already onboard.  The boat is incredibly well equipped and the mechanicals are in excellent condition.  I’m going to have the injectors tested and likely will end up having them rebuilt but so far that is the only major problem we have found and even that one is pretty minor.  We’ve also got some rainwater leaks around windows to caulk but that is pretty well a given on a boat of this size and age.


Last night we said goodbye to the boat for an undetermined length of time.  If the forecast storm allows us to we will be heading east in the morning to pick up the trucklet in Billings.  If the forecast turns out to be accurate then we might still spend the weekend here but we will be in recovery mode and won’t likely go back to the boat.  It’s been a very hectic seven days.


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Reluctant Cowboy said...

Like RJ's suggestion :)

It is supposed to get frigid -10F (by one weather report) this weekend around here so don't forget to get some #2 feul in the tank (wouldn't want a jelling). So how does it feel to be a big boat owner now?

Be safe