Saturday, November 13, 2010

We need help

OK – not that kind of help.

It’s bad luck to change the name of a boat but SWMBO says that we are going to change it anyway.  The options are as follows:

Baylurker Bayliner makes a spectacularly bad line of “value priced” multi-purpose boats.  As Malibu-snobs we have learned to look down our nose at Bayliners and I have dubbed them Baylurkers or worse.  The name however has some appeal for a go-slow boat that will spend it’s life lurking in bays.
Vamonos Spanish – from the verb “ir” which means “to go”.  Vamonos is the plural present tense of ir.  Grammatically the correct usage would be “nos vamonos” or “we go” but “vamonos” said alone means “let’s go”.
Bethia Jewitt In our family tree the entry for the birth of one of the children of my G.G.Grandfathers reads “Born on board Bethia Jewitt of Saint John, N.B., Thomas Waters Com., at anchor between the north and middle Chincha Islands on the coast of Peru.”  That phrase has always stuck in my mind so it seems appropriate to name our boat for the historical boat.
Something else Feel free to suggest something in the comment section but before Doug suggests it, HMS WTF III is out of the question.

I’ve signed up for some online polling software just in honour of the occasion.  I don’t know how many times it will let you vote – I hope only once.  And we might as well make it clear up front that while we will likely go with the results of the poll we will retain the right to come up with something completely different.

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Sandra said...

Did you know that blogger has it's own poll? Check under gadgets.

Reluctant Cowboy said...

If you were into Vodka I'd suggest Grey Goose that way you would only have to change one word on the boat name:)

From a bystanders view....
I realise that boats are selling like hot cakes (well maybe wheat cakes) and the brokers are so swamped that they don't have time to update their web sites... They haven't changed their site to "sale pending" yet. Leaves me to wonder if they are hoping for a better bid.

Hope the survey goes well.
Good luck

Gary Haupt said...

I read your Blog, please take this as have quite a bite to your tongue. The bits about Nexus and Homeland Security...put your money where your mouth is...don't get the pass. How to qualify my am Cdn, have the pass, hate the bureaucracy, love the pass for the expedited crossings.

I just don't care for people that bitch about something, but still want the goodies.

Gary Haupt

Jorgito's dad said...

The great thing about this whole continent is that even the dullest fool has the right to be vocally wrong. For now.