Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Anacortes boat show

There wasn’t much to the boat show but we really didn’t go there for the boat show anyway so it wasn’t any great disappointment.  We went there primarily to get fuel, which we got in Roche Harbor immediately after clearing customs.  There wouldn’t have been any reason to go on to Anacortes except that there was the boat show, which didn’t turn out to be all that special and there was Chuck.

Chuck, you may remember, is one of the former owners of Gray Hawk and was our pilot from Seattle to Anacortes back in January when we moved Gray Hawk home.  We had been looking for an excuse to go back to Anacortes to see him and his wife.  As it turned out Gail was off to Hawaii with Alaskan Air so we didn’t get to see her but despite Gail’s assurances that Chuck couldn’t boil water he fed us a fine meal of barbequed ribs the night we arrived.

That was Saturday when we arrived.  Sunday we wandered around the floating part of the boat show.  Not that there was much show beyond the floating part.  Then we retired to Chuck’s current boat, Bolero, for drinks and visiting. 

I’ve been watching the boatyard in Anacortes build tugs like the one in the photo above for a couple of years now.  For a while I thought it was the same boat with very little progress being made on it but now I realize that it has been a series of tugs built to the same design which I have just happened to witness at similar stages of construction.

The yard in Anacortes looks to be really busy.  This morning when we walked uptown to the second hand store there were dozens of vehicles parked outside the fence at the boatyard.  The recession doesn’t appear to have hit that yard.

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