Friday, December 9, 2011

Dried up and rained out

We got moved over to Lake Conroe earlier this week.  The Growsafe client wasn’t ready – they actually got rained out last week.  They should have had their concrete poured a long time ago but they didn’t so they are now in the bizarre situation of being in the midst of a historic drought and unable to pour because its too wet. 

It’s the driest they have been here since they started keeping records sometime in the 1800’s.  All the lakes are low.  When we were at Lake Medina we could barely see the water in the distance from the boat launch.  This morning I stopped and took a couple of pictures of Lake Conroe.

This Growsafe client has some really neat technology.  They produce sexed semen.  And they do it for many more species than just cattle.  Apparently its really popular with hunt farms where they want to raise bucks – nobody wants to fly down from Chicago to shoot a big doe but they’ll pay big bucks for a big buck.  And in dairy they are exporting bred heifers as “two-fers” – you buy a bred heifer and they guarantee that there’s another heifer inside.  That’s pretty cool.

The other client down here is Texas A & M.  That’s like Mecca for us Agro types so I’m looking forward to that part of the project.  They’re ready for the equipment but it hasn’t arrived yet so I’m in “hurry up and wait” mode this week. 

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