Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hell of a deal on a campground

For the next week or so we’re paying $10 per night for 50 amp full hookup.  That’s an incredible deal on a transient rate.  It’s a pretty good deal even if we were paying a monthly rate.  For a single night rate, power included, its pretty well unheard of.  Our lifetime average per night is just north of $18.  For the last year we have averaged just under $9 per night but that includes many nights sitting for free on our Buchanan property.

This place isn’t fancy but we’ve stayed in a lot worse spots (and paid 2 or 3 times as much for the privilege of doing so).  Marilyn found it online.  Its run by the town of Navasota and I expected it to be full up but there were only 3 rigs here which left 7 sites open for us to pick from.  It might be a little windy if the Texas winds pick up but otherwise it’s a hard place to find fault with at any price.

On Friday the 2nd client down here got around to doing their second concrete pour.  That’s a great relief because I couldn’t do anything until it was complete.  I’m expecting that tomorrow they will either have already stripped the concrete forms or at the very least they will have them stripped during the day. 

The new facility at Sexing Technology is huge.  The open front shelter is 600 feet long, divided into 10 pens.  Their initial pour was the apron where the cattle will stand to feed.  The pour on Friday was the feed alley.  Eventually there will be another twin facility further to the east which will house more conventional feedlot systems.  The facility that they are working on right now is specifically designed to house the Growsafe feed intake monitoring equipment.

It looks now as though we’ll be here through Christmas and then leave for western Canada early the week between Christmas and New Years.  We’re still flexible on that though.  If the weather in the west goes completely to hell we’ll go up the left coast of the US instead.  There’s some really nice Thousand Trails parks all along that coast so we can work our way north at very little cost but if we do that we’ll have to figure out where to store the bus on the coast.  And we’ll have to fly back to Regina to see father and do a variety of tasks that we just can’t do remotely so our preference is to go back to the prairies unless the weather is absolutely impossible.

And now for something completely different:

I’m a regular reader of SmallDeadAnimals.  The owner of that website is a well known Saskatchewan conservative writer who has a knack for regularly poking a stick in puffery.  One of the tags on her website says she is just the voice of an ordinary Canadian yelling back at the radio “You don’t speak for me.”  A couple of days ago she posted a link to a Facebook page for Chiquita bananas whereon they were promoting Christmas recipes involving, naturally, bananas.  However the comments under one of those recipes were decided unrelated to baking. 

Until SDA exposed it, I was unaware that Chiquita has publicly admitted supporting terrorism in Latin America.  They have not only supported terrorists, they have actually taken delivery of weapons and handed them over to terrorists.  So it seems just a tad hypocritical that they now are presuming to lecture Canada about our oilsands oil.  As I said to Marilyn earlier today, if they hadn’t succumbed to the feel good, eco-terrorist demands of the radical left, I would never have known about this part of their history.  And without Kate and her SDA website I still wouldn’t know about it.  Now you do too.

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