Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Fortunately I can read both the Nipawin Journal and the Shellbrook Chronicle online.  I do so for different reasons.  The Comical is a pretty good little newspaper.  Mainly I read the papers to keep track of who has died lately but the Shellbrook paper actually has editorial and local news that’s worth reading.  They’ve only recently started publishing online but they would be worth the cost of a subscription if they weren’t otherwise available.

The Nipawin Urinal is another matter altogether and the only reason to read it is for entertainment.  Consider the following gem:

Through his binoculars, he seen the silhouettes of three individuals. It appeared one of them to be carrying a long crowbar, rifle or shotgun. Cory could not clearly make it out but new it was something along that lines, and was sure it was a weapon.

That’s copied from a story about a police takedown in this week’s edition.  I don’t want to even start counting the mistakes in that piece of prose but it is by no means unusual in that paper.  When you combine the lack of writing skills with the inane goings on of the court report it can be really hilarious.  It’s a good thing the paper is freely available online because I would hate to actually pay for garbage like this.

Today we are hanging out in Saskatoon, having refilled our prescriptions with Dr. Dan this morning.  Marilyn has an appointment at SIAST this afternoon and we are meeting friends this evening but otherwise it’s a lazy day.  I have an appointment with Princess Auto but that doesn’t really count as an urgent life event, important though it may be.  Equally important, we need to pick up some bottom bouncers because evidently that fishing innovation is unknown on the left coast of Canada.

We have a heavy schedule tomorrow starting out with a couple of appointments here for Marilyn.  Then we have exactly 90 minutes to get to P.A. where she has more appointments and the car also has an appointment at Gus’s Auto.  We’ve had a lot of service done by Gus over the years so he seemed like the logical place to get the transmission flushed and the oil changed on our new toy.  I’ll work in a visit to Shellbrook and Marilyn will schmooze all her contract clients before we finally head west again, likely late in the day on Friday.

In the aftermath of the tornados through the US I’m reminded that an Arkansas divorce and a tornado are very similar in that somebody is going to lose a trailer home.

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