Thursday, February 2, 2012

World’s first googolionaire

Wouldn’t that be a strange twist of fate if Zuckerberg ends up being the world’s first googolionaire?  There’s such an impossibly long string of zeroes in a googol that it seems unlikely but it would be fun if it happened.  Not to mention a LOT of fun for Zuckerberg.

Yesterday was a lumpy day.  We left the dock at Burrard around noon and went directly to the Chevron fuel barge in Coal Harbour.  I didn’t want to buy fuel and we likely could have put it off until we get to the US but I just hate running on the bottom half of the tank, even when the tank(s) hold over 750 gallons.  So far we’ve managed to buy all our fuel in the US so I guess it didn’t hurt us to pay a little federal excise tax.  And we didn’t fill the tanks completely so there will still be room for US fuel whenever we finally get down there. 


After fueling we headed out through 1st Narrows and immediately started getting bounced around by long Pacific rollers coming up English Bay.  I expected they would get better as we got into deeper water but instead as we got out past Point Atkinson they turned to come from a little west of north and kept getting bigger.  We finally turned out of them when we got north of Bowen Island but along the way they bounced us around pretty good.  We had the stabilizers on but they can’t do anything about fore and aft (pitching) motion.  They’re really good for side to side (rolling) stability so when we finally turned beam to the rollers things settled down quickly.  Georgie wasn’t very happy about the sea state but he didn’t puke.

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