Friday, March 9, 2012

Déjà vu all over again

Saskatchewan readers may remember the bad old days when Lindy Thorson was at once a CBC radio personality and a one-man cheerleader for the provincial NDP.  I’m not sure where that nitwit landed but mercifully I haven’t had to listen to his light weight interviewing skills for many years now.  And try as he might he never chased me completely away from listening to CBC radio.  My patience is being sorely tried again though every time I turn it on in BC.

No NDP Allowed

The rest of the country is likely (mercifully) unaware that the BC teachers have been on strike for the last year – or maybe longer – I haven’t actually paid that close attention.  The government is in the process of sending them back to work and CBC is trying valiantly to prop up the teachers’ union.  I’ve haven’t heard so many softball questions and leading introductions since Loser-Lindy left Saskatchewan. 

Other than frustration with the sad state of public radio in BC, life is progressing well out here.  Today I’m tied up with the Empress Hotel filling my forward view.  Marilyn is attending some kind of sewing pow-wow here in Victoria and I’m marking time until we take the boat across to Port Angeles.  Its been more or less pissing rain all morning, which isn’t really newsworthy out here but was annoying when I carried Marilyn’s sewing machine up to the bus for her this morning.  She’s getting a ride home with one of the other attendees so that won’t be a problem. 

There’s a really good chandlery over by the Coast Guard station so if the rain lets up this afternoon I’ll likely walk over there.  I’m looking for some bronze bolts to put in the shunt on the Trimetric installation.  I’ve got stainless bolts in there right now but apparently stainless steel is a relatively poor conductor of electricity.  That came as a bit of a surprise to me because I’ve seen stainless bolts molded into battery terminals but apparently its true.  I was careful to install the bolts so that they are only providing clamping pressure – they have no conductive function the way I have them installed – but I’d still like to find better bolts just in case some future owner screws up my careful installation.  I found some brass bolts yesterday that would work but I’m still holding out for bronze if I can find them.

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