Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hanging out in the San Juans

We were pretty laid back this morning.  SWMBO slept in; I wandered the dock and found Delfin’s owner.  Delfin is a really neat boat that Carl has refitted as a recreational trawler.  She’s a Romsdahl trawler; her keel was laid in Norway in the mid 1960’s.  When Carl found her she was in his words, a steel canoe.  Now she’s about the prettiest vessel in Cap Sante marina.

By noon we were ready to cast off the lines in Anacortes but then I got a call from Chuck.  He’s the guy who owned Gray Hawk several owners back and who helped us move her from Seattle to Anacortes.  By the time we got done visiting with Chuck it was well into the afternoon and the wind was kicking up pretty good.  We left anyway and bucked the current most of the way to Sucia Island.


Sucia is a really small, low island just north of Orcas Island with several deep bays indenting its east side.  Some of them have floats and mooring buoys; some just have mooring buoys.  Initially we tied up at the dock but it’s a marine park and they wanted $30 per night for the privilege of tying up to their dock.  That’s pretty steep for a no service parking spot so we ended up anchored out in the middle of one of the bays. 

We had a hell of a time getting the anchor to stick tonight.  I’ve heard about eel grass making it hard to get an anchor to penetrate & I’m wondering if that’s what we came up against today.  We got it set once but it dragged when I pulled hard against it.  The second time it set I pulled a bit but didn’t go as hard against it as the first time.  As long as we don’t get a great big blow tonight I’m sure we’ll be OK but its definitely not set the way I’d like it to be.

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