Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just in case


I could probably stop right now and everyone would know what I meant.   Marlan, one of our sons, has offered to accept any valuable items that people may have lying around ahead of the apocalypse.  His offer was something to the effect of “if you don’t want your place cluttered up with random valuables as the end approaches, I will be happy to take them for safekeeping”.  Not sure how that worked out for him but you have to admire his creative thinking.

We have one of those calendars lying around somewhere – it must be in storage in the house in Buchanan.  We bought it in a flea market somewhere in Mexico and it used to hang on the wall of our Mexican room in the house in Nipawin.  Somehow it escaped the dustbin when we downsized and now it is collecting dust somewhere.  I guess its about as useful as a 2009 paper calendar now.  Good thing we didn’t buy it to be useful.

Yesterday I was gone all day on a farm call up by Lanigan.  It wasn’t my first choice of a day to make a roadtrip in Saskatchewan but I made the appointment close to 2 weeks ago so I had to go.  It was an all day adventure and when I got home the City of Regina had posted signs along our street saying that we can’t park there tonight.  I suppose that means that they are going to do snow removal which is a good idea because it is getting pretty deep.  That left me in doubt as to where to park the trucklet.  The Lincoln gets to live in the garage off the back alley but there’s no other parking here except on street parking.  Its not the greatest neighbourhood so I wasn’t wild about just leaving it on some random sidestreet and its minus bloody 20 or worse every night so not being able to plug it in seemed like another bad thing.  I finally decided that its got 4 wheel drive for a reason.  So I engaged 4 x 4 and parked it in the front yard on the lawn.  I suppose that is a redneck move and it may very well contravene some bylaw but as long as the enforcement goon doesn’t come around before morning I’ll be OK.

Anyway - - if we don’t get to talk again its been good knowing you.

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