Saturday, December 1, 2012

Little house on the prairie

While I was starting the cubevan in the cold Marilyn was in Regina getting ready to move to her house sitting gig.  She wasn’t sorry to be leaving “the hole” as she affectionately referred to the basement of the Chinaman’s place.  I met them briefly while we were finishing up her move to where we are now and they seemed OK but there were clearly just too many people crammed into too small a space. 

While she was starting the move I was in Saskatoon at Rob Saik’s Farm Forum.  There’s been a few guys over the years that have tried to build a business based on selling consulting services to farmers but Rob’s organization is the only one that has got any traction.  I remember when he first started out.  At the time we thought he was long on promotion and short on content.  And he likely was but over the years he has surrounded himself with some really smart guys and his own enthusiasm and vision has continued to drive his organization ahead.  I haven’t been to one of his Farm Forum events for several years but they are always well worth the significant registration fees that he charges. 

The show wrapped up around suppertime on Thursday but I had a farm visit before I could head home so it was really late when I got to Regina.  I woke Marilyn up around 3:30 to let me into her new residence and I didn’t get up very early Friday morning.  Friday evening we went back to the hole and cleaned out all her remaining “stuff”.  And for just having been there six weeks she had really accumulated a lot of stuff.  I think that goes with the territory – when you have a house you fill it with stuff.  No matter how big the house the stuff just accumulates.  Yet another advantage for boats and buses.

Today we went and picked up the idiot cat and got him moved to the little house on Victoria.  He has been prowling the house ever since.  Its hard to tell what his furry little brain is thinking, if it thinks at all.  Judging by how high he is carrying his tail he seems to be settling in well.  Cat tails are like a barometer – high tail means good things.

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