Saturday, January 5, 2013

The chattering class

“Investigative journalist” isn’t actually an oxymoron – its just really rare to find one.  Consider for a moment the media circus surrounding the publicity hound who has camped out in Ottawa seeking and receiving national attention.  Our focus should be on her abysmal management of the public funds that have been poured into her reservation courtesy of the long suffering Canadian taxpayer. 

Attawapiskat audit numbers

Attawapiskat population

Let’s keep it real simple.  The first document shows roughly 31 million dollars of government money flowing into the reserve.  The second document shows roughly 1500 residents living in 300 residences.  As Ezra Levant has so eloquently pointed out that makes Theresa Spence the mayor of a small town, not the leader of a nation.  But I digress. 

$31 million spread over 300 households is $100,000 per household, give or take.  Do you think that perhaps your household could survive with $100,000 of tax free annual income, regardless of where you live?  Do you think that maybe you could maintain the infrastructure of your community and slap a coat of paint on your house once every 10 years or so?  If you had raw sewage running in your streets would you blame your mayor or your PM?

Chief Butterball is the centre of a media feeding frenzy because our national media is too lazy to do actual journalism.   All you need to do is look at her record to know she has never sacrificed herself for anything in her life – she most certainly didn’t start do that in the last 4 weeks.  Canadian natives have plenty of problems to deal with and there are chiefs who are working hard to solve those problems.  Chief Butterball is part of the problem, not the solution.

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