Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One step forward; two steps back

We had a brief window of sunshine and warm weather yesterday.  My u-bolt shipment arrived at about the same time so I got to work. 


The first step was to rearrange the locations of the bimini arches.  The solar panels will eventually lie in an aluminum angle framework on top of the binimi frames.  The frames were originally set up to make an arch for the canvas cover but their design makes it pretty easy to align all three of them at the same height. 

20130225_163528The little dongle hanging in the centre of the photo is a socket that accepts 1” SS conduit.  By putting in longer conduit I was able to align the rear frame at the height I wanted.   The other two frames are hinged such that I can put them wherever I want them.  They will be held in position by the aluminum frame which supports the panels.  About the time I took this picture it started to cloud over and simultaneously I discovered that the u-bolts I waited so long for won’t work.  They aren’t threaded far enough up their shanks to tighten on my 1” conduit.  A couple of phone calls to a couple of local chandleries later and now I’m waiting for u-bolts again.

Stay tuned.


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