Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1-2 punch

Krawetz today; Flaherty tomorrow.  It feels really good to be a resident of the only province in Canada with a genuine balanced budget.  Technically the Libs delivered a balanced budget in BC but even the most diehard Lib has trouble keeping a straight face while explaining how selling crowns off and including the proceeds in general revenue constitutes balancing the budget. 

In Sask the usual suspects are whining about how there’s not enough provision for union wage increases.  Some of them pretend that they can’t understand the difference between SaskPower borrowing to build transmission lines and Regina borrowing to pay salaries.  Can anyone actually be that dense?  Apparently so but fortunately for Saskatchewan there’s less of those idiots than there used to be.

And here’s a little known factoid that I heard today.  Brad pledged when he got elected that Saskatchewan would become the best province in Canada for a person with a disability to live in.  And he’s living up to that promise with income support programs for the disabled.  That’s not the standard approach for a Conservative government but its something all Saskatchewanians should be proud of.   Straight talk and promises kept – gotta love that.

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