Friday, March 29, 2013

Too wonderful not to share

It was a glorious day – again – today.  I dawdled on the dock in Cow Bay until late afternoon in order to catch the rising tide in Tsehum Harbour.  The channel in to the yacht club reciprocal dock is really skinny.  I don’t like coming in on less than about a 6 foot tide.  I had a little more than that tonight but still less than 8 feet and I had to set the alarm at 9 feet in order to keep it from beeping at me.


There was a lot of traffic out there with me today.  It was just one of those grand days when everybody wanted to get out and enjoy nature.  Up closer to Cow Bay I was dodging sailboats that were almost as thick as crab traps.  The photo above is approaching Swartz Bay where I had to dodge the extra ferries that BC Ferries had laid on for the holiday weekend.  The photo below shows some of the congestion around the Swartz Bay terminal.


IMG_6624 IMG_6623

This last one is for my buddy Michael.  This area on the north shore of Tsehum Harbour is a regular resting ground for derelict boats.  This one looks better than some I have seen that ended up here, although it is missing some important bits – like a mast and rigging - and likely has some issues with water intrusion.  After they get the crap beat out of them on the rocks they are usually hard to refloat.  Nevertheless its open for salvage if anyone wants it.  A bit of patching at low tide, wait for high tide, couple hundred feet of line and a small powerboat is all it would take.


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