Saturday, May 4, 2013

Somedays you meet the nicest people

Marilyn is always accusing me of picking up people off the internet and its true, we’ve met some really nice busnuts thanks to me initially meeting them on the internet.  But this one is all hers.

We were grinding our way across Georgia Strait a couple of days ago and listening to a strong New Zealand accent voice talking to vessel traffic services.  I was having trouble figuring out whether the vessel was commercial or private.  We were having a thoroughly uneventful crossing so Marilyn Googled the vessel name. 

The ship’s name is Kahu and it turned out to have a very fascinating story.  You can do the Google thing just as easily as I can – likely easier because my current internet connection is a shaky 3G tether to my cellphone.  If you want to read the full story, start here.  What you’ll find is that Kahu is an ex-New Zealand navy vessel that underwent an extensive refit which included stretching her by thirty feet.  The owner of the yard that did the refit is now taking his family on a 3 year world adventure. 

After considerable back and forth via email and a very scratchy phone call we ended up spending an extended visit onboard Kahu yesterday afternoon.  She created quite a stir when she pulled into the little bay at Plumper Cove.  Just for reference that “small” RIB that they are towing is roughly 20 feet long with a diesel inboard.


Yesterday was a busy day – we had Bruce working on our canvas, I was scraping and varnishing and Marilyn was starting the next phase of our Ag in the Classroom project.  Everything came to a halt while we went visiting on Kahu.  When we got back to the dock some other friends had arrived so we had a little dock party and watched the sunset.

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