Thursday, May 9, 2013

The artist is IN

Many years ago now we talked to Mick Lidster at the Lions Trade Fair.  At the time he was showing/selling some tree bolls that he had carved into old man faces.  He claimed that he didn’t so much carve the face as release the face that was always in the boll.  Today SWMBO is engaged in a similar activity.


Yesterday she painted the scene above.  It was already in the bark – she just highlighted what was clearly there all along.   It was actually so obvious that even I could see it but I certainly couldn’t have painted it.  Today she’s starting on a very obvious old man’s face that is living in this piece of driftwood.


We’ve decided to spend just one more night here.  I’m wrapping up my refinishing project so that we can leave early in the morning.  Most of my time now is spent waiting for epoxy to harden or varnish to dry.  The actual application time is minimal.   We could easily justify staying another night but I’m afraid the weather may turn against us.  I’m not worried about rain for the Strait of Georgia crossing but its damned unpleasant when the wind gets up.  I think we’ll still be OK tomorrow morning but Saturday might be another matter.


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