Sunday, August 18, 2013


Last week we moved from Nipawin to Outlook.  I’ve got a stack of Palliser/Assiniboia files with a bunch of new ones located around Diefenbaker Lake.  We had a little misunderstanding in that we thought the Regional Park here had full hookups.  It doesn’t.  Fortunately it does have 30 amp power because its been pretty hot the last week.  We’re finally getting some summer weather and, miserable excuse for an air conditioner that it is, we need to be able to run the air conditioner.

Marilyn dug out her easel and has been doing a bit of painting.  


Its a really pretty spot.  We can see the river behind the bus and most evenings that’s where we have dinner.  I’ve been taking off in the morning and returning late in the day but I took Sunday off.  Tomorrow night Marilyn has lined up a visit to Jorgito at his new home.  He’s a travelling cat – it turns out that if we don’t hook up with him tomorrow night he will have moved on to Swift Current.  Evidently one of his new mom’s daughters has taken a liking to him and he is about to move in with her in Swift Current.  The damncat has travelled more than 75% of the people in North America.

Right now it would make a lot of sense for us to move to either Regina or Swift Current but we’re going to stay put here all week because we have a wedding to attend in Saskatoon next weekend.   It will mean a little more driving for me this week but I’ll survive.  After Saskatoon we’ll likely move down to Swift Current.

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