Saturday, August 24, 2013


Saskatoon is a bit of a dead zone for decent RV parks – I guess Regina isn’t much better.  Property values in the two cities are likely high enough that it isn’t worth bothering with running an RV park when you could make more money with less hassle by building a strip mall or a Tim Hortons.  So when we heard that there was a new campground just outside the city on the road to North Battleford we thought we should check it out. 

That’s how we ended up at “Campland RV Park”.  Marilyn says their laundry is worth coming back for but I’m not convinced and I’m not sure how she’d know because she couldn’t use it this morning.


It’s your basic “line ‘em up in rows with pull thru sites” US resort-style campground, complete with pages of rules about not parking on the grass, etc.  The difference is that in the US the sites would be concrete pads and the roads would be paved.  Here every time they water their grass the roads and sites turn to mud.  That wasn’t a problem this morning because their water was shut off.  I thought I just hadn’t bothered to turn on the tap but when Marilyn went to the office to do laundry she quickly came back to announce that the whole park was dry.  Score 1 point against them for not making some effort to advise us – we’ve been in parks with water problems before but they were courteous enough to let us know.  Not so here and that failure alone would keep this place off my top 10 list.  It appears that the water is back on now but it was out for over 6 hours and at $37 per night I expect to at least be advised if we aren’t going to have water for that long, no matter what the reason. 

Other than no water for half a day there hasn’t been a lot of excitement in our lives lately.  We got moved here from Outlook on Thursday.  It would have made more sense for my work logistics to go to Swift Current but Murray & Jill’s oldest daughter is getting married today.  We’ve got an agro gathering organized for supper and then we’ll likely bug out early from the wedding dance.  Its hard to believe that our friends are old enough to have kids that are getting married but I guess that explains why we will likely come home early from the dance. (on edit: we didn’t actually close up the hall but there weren’t very many people left when we left so I guess we’re not as old as I thought)

From here we’ll likely move first to Regina or maybe Avonlea and then west to somewhere south of Swift Current.  Next weekend Marilyn has a drunken reunion planned with two girlfriends in Calgary.  I have a concurrent appointment with a mad Dutchman who thinks European style socialism is the answer for North America.  I don’t think he can feed me enough beer to convince me but it will be fun letting him try.  I’ve given up on banging any sense into his stubborn engineer’s head.  I’ve heard it said that when they put the iron ring on their finger they take the brain out of their head.  I believe that is true.

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