Friday, June 6, 2014

Currie’s excellent adventure

Our guide may be blind but he knows his way around these waters.  Since we connected with Currie in Petersburg we have been to Kake and are now in Red Bluff Bay.  We didn’t really do much other than arrive and leave in Kake.  Its the top of Rocky Pass so our intent is to return after we get done with Currie.  That plan may get altered though.  Not because of Rocky Pass – we’ve just decided that we’d like to go to Sitka and we may simply not have enough time to see Sitka and return through Rocky Pass.

We may also have no choice BUT to go through Rocky Pass.  Sitka is “outside”.  We can get there without going out into the Gulf of Alaska but Sitka is exposed to the gulf.  Once we get done in Sitka our choices are south down the open Gulf and around Cape Decision to get back to Ketchikan or retracing our tracks to Kake and down through Rocky Pass.  We could also go all the way back to Petersburg and out through Wrangell Narrows but that isn’t going to happen.  We’ll let the weather in Sitka and more importantly, the weather in the Gulf decide for us.


Currie passed us coming out of Petersburg.  The Mermaid isn’t any speed demon but she’s faster than Gray Hawk.


We almost got a sunset last night in Kake.


Looking back as we were coming into Red Bluff Bay.  If you don’t know exactly where the entrance is, its damn hard to see from the outside.


The entrance here was so convoluted and the inside was so pretty that we were thinking it would be a great spot to come back to.  However, the miserable damn wind blows up it like it did in Lowe Inlet and there’s only room for 2 boats to be sheltered.  We of course were the third to arrive.  I don’t know whether it reminds me of the Regina wind or Winnipeg but either way it mostly pisses me off.

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