Monday, June 16, 2014

What a seriously cute spot

We’re in Meyers Chuck.  You’ve never heard of it, I know.  There’s about 3 full time residents and maybe a dozen summer cottages surrounding a tiny bay about 30 miles north of Ketchikan.  We didn’t stop here on the way north because our plan at the time was to meet Currie here while he was headed north and we were headed south.  Currie and I quickly figured out that plan wouldn’t work and we instead met in Petersburg.  Today we stopped in to check out Meyers Chuck for ourselves.


This photo is horribly backlit so you can’t really see Jackshit in it but, even if the lighting was better, there’s no entrance to be seen.  We came at low tide when the whole entrance channel was at most 50 feet wide. Once inside it opens up a bit, not much, but it is very picturesque.






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