Sunday, July 20, 2014

Doing very little & re-uniting

We were in Saskatoon for close to a week doing more or less nothing.  But it was pretty tiring.  We pulled the new trailer up there last week in time to spend the weekend.  I’m not sure where the time went but all of a sudden the week was gone.  We  mostly settled into the trailer and met friends.  Marlan came for supper one night but we still haven’t met Jenna because she was off on some holidays at her parents’ cabin.  We also met Doug & Jo at Tony Roma’s.  Last weekend was Fred & Norma’s 60th anniversary.  It seems like we have been meeting family and friends constantly since we left the boat.

I spent Monday meeting with my Palliser/Assiniboia masters in preparation for our annual farm visit road trip.  Since Canada Pension Plan purchased their land portfolio last fall I’ve been a little uncertain about what my role would be, if anything.  Despite assurances that it was going to be “business as usual” I was waiting to see.  Based on what we were told it appears that it truly is business as usual and in fact CPP is actively buying additional land.  So I guess we’ll be busy for a few more years. 


Marlan showed me how easy it is to take panoramas with my new Galaxy 5.  I’ve had cameras that could stitch multiple photos into one wide shot but with this one I just pan it across the scene and it captures the image as it goes by.

At the end of the week we moved the trailer down to Elbow for my annual class reunion.  We were kind of scattered all over the campground.  They told Jim that we would be in campsites behind the cabins that some of our group had rented.  Then they built more cabins on the spots where we were supposed to park our trailers.  Then – rather than put all the trailers side by side – they scattered us all over hell in the campground.  We persevered and had a great weekend despite the somewhat awkward logistics. 


We’re all getting older.  RJ’s message to me for the group was “make sure they’ve all taken their meds”.  And its not much of a joke anymore.  He’s over in Australia battling deadly snakes right now.

Everyone slowly drifted off for their trips home today but we are staying until tomorrow.  It was great to be able to visit with everyone without worrying about getting packed up.  I have started sorting out the files for SW Sask.  Tomorrow we’ll move down to Ponteix and probably park there for a week.  Then we’ll likely work our way across southern Saskatchewan until we get back to Buchanan.  Its a huge pain having a yard again.  Even when we’re not there the grass keeps growing.  Just like the grass in Nipawin kept growing all those years when we were away from it.  Come to think of it, that’s why we got rid of the yard in Nipawin.

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