Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You just have to love rural prairie attitudes

I went to an auction sale today.  As I was leaving with the truck full of miscellaneous junk it struck me how trusting everyone was.  We all bought shop tools and supplies early in the day and left them lying on the pallets where they remained on display (but never touched) until we picked them up late in the afternoon.  When it came time to pay I just gave them a cheque.  No questions asked – she gave me a receipt.  Then I drove the truck in, loaded it and left.  Nobody stopped me at the gate to see if I had paid or if I had loaded what I had paid for.  Nobody asked for a Visa number to secure my cheque or for photo ID.  I can only assume that the guys paying 100’s of thousands of dollars for the real equipment were treated in the same manner.  When they issued me the bid number they had no idea whether I planned to spend $100 or $100,000.  Contrast that with a visit to Costco where they might as well have a sign that says “Despite the fact that we took your life history and charged you to come into our store we don’t trust you sonsabitches”.


When I got home we moved “stuff” from the bus to the 5th wheel in preparation for the weekend.  We are going to Saskatoon for a few nights as a shakedown cruise.  We hope to meet Jenna, the woman in Marlan’s life and we will attend Fred & Norma’s anniversary party.  From there we’ll likely make our way to my annual college reunion.  It feels very different to once again be using our RV for “camping” as opposed to “living”.  We’ve become accustomed to having our whole life travel with us.  We’re now asking questions like “What tools do I need to bring?” and “How many pots and pans do we really need?” 

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