Sunday, July 5, 2015

Movin’ on down the road

Mike and Diane hooked up yesterday morning, capping a busy week of building, visiting and sight seeing.  We took them to Yorkton on Friday to see the musical ride.  We had intended to stay to watch the pony chuckwagons but a couple of things interfered with that plan.  First off the Yorkton Ex grandstand seats were so bloody uncomfortable that I doubt we could have survived any more time in them.  More importantly though our three boys (and one almost daughter in law) showed up for a visit and to pick up the Malibu.


We’ve got a ton of happy memories of our Malibu Response (ski boat) and I think the boys share those memories.  But the boat has been sitting for four years now and it was time for us to move on.  Its damned expensive to own and operate any boat so I wasn’t sure whether I was blessing or cursing Michael when I phoned him to tell him we planned to give the Malibu to him.  He’s at least pretending its a pleasant gift but I’m sure he will quickly learn that a boat is just a hole in the water that you throw money into.  Regardless of what that future may look like, the three boys showed up to pick up the boat and Jenna came along to supervise.   We managed to get the boat loaded onto Michael’s trailer with a minimum of peril and drama although there were a couple of moments when it got exciting. 



Whenever the Malibu finally hits the water again it won’t be the first time Michael has been at the helm so I know its in good hands.  We elected not to try to put it in the water this weekend because it likely needs some shop time before it gets wet.  Its sad to see it go but it feels good to know its going to be used again.


Michael and RJ had a load on the trailer when they arrived.  They brought my new car hoist which turned out to be quite a bit more impressive than I had expected.  It was right at the limit of what my little Scat wanted to handle just lifting the individual posts.  I’ve now got a very heavy jig saw puzzle stored in the little barn at the back of 210.  It will likely be fall before I have the garage ready to receive the jig saw and I expect assembling it will be an adventure. 


Car lift 1

That’s my new hoist assembled in it’s former location, the Medicine Hat High shop.  The three major components (2 posts and a crossmember) are currently stuffed into our little barn.  Both posts are heavy but the one on the left is surprisingly so.

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